McQueen Analytics

Why McQueen Analytics?

McQueen Analytics exists to give clarity to the messy complexity of real life data.  We offer Donor Insight Analysis for non profits, a deep dive into your existing donor base.  This analysis highlights donors who are at risk as well as donors who would like to give more.

We offer automation tools.  We do custom analysis of your processes and offer reproducible systems that make your daily work less of a grind allowing for more iteration and growth.

We offer donor voice studies.  We will go to your existing donor base and create customer surveys to give you feedback into who your organization is based on the perception of your donors and customers. Additionally, we can also go out to like-audiences nationwide and give you a view of the health of your market. Both have been used for major increases to donor and customer campaigns.

McQueen Analytics also offers the R programming language integration and mentoring.  If you or you have someone who is looking to advance in implementation of in-house systems we can offer over ten years of experience with R in a large financial corporation as well as integration into small companies. 

If you’d like to connect in email collectionwell [at] mcqueenanalytics [dot] com.