McQueen Analytics has Begun

On July 18th, 2020 McQueen Analytics was officially born.

Going forward McQueen Analytics is no longer a part of McQueen Mackin & Associates.

What we are great at is complexity. We want to come along side non profits and businesses and help create insight from the messy net of data many companies have. This includes:

  • Full Database Analytics
  • End of Year data preparation for a visual presentation of a year for the board/executives
  • Database Consulting
  • Analytic Environment Consulting (including creating one if you don’t have one using open source options)
  • Automation consulting

Our goal is to come in, evaluate the solutions and opportunities your company faces and leave having made things easier to have quick insight into the direction your company is going.

If this is something that sounds good to you reach out! My email is just Carl at our domain name. I’m happy to jump into a virtual meeting environment and find out if we can make your life easier in making your complex data more approachable.


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